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Novo TPS 1

Novo TPS 1

Czech company SAKUTUS spol. s r.o. is a producer of heating units NOMATERM from 1992. NOMATERM units are basic elements for our infra-red panel...


Novo TPS 1

Novost v Sloveniji

- heating unit NOMATERM was repeatedly certified by Czech Electrotechnical testing Institute (actual certificate Nr. 1091059, issued on Dec.28th 2009) - the surface temperature of working area is up to 105°C (depending on the input of built-in NOMATERM unit) - front working area of the Ecora infrared panel is finished by silicon sand for the increasing of emissivity and is white color painted (the sanded surface is also good protection against scorch on direct contact) - Ecorainfrared panels wattage depends on built-in NOMATERM unit and its working area dimension (10 W/dm2) : 


80, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 650 W - frame material : spruce wood (standard), oak wood (at extra cost), aluminum profile (natural anodized coating) - wooden frame color : white, natural, natural painting (standard for spruce wood frames), transparent painting (standard for oak wood frames) - insulation material : ROTAFLEX 20mm thick with aluminum foil (wooden frames), NOBASIL 15mm thick with aluminum foil (aluminum frames) - basic ingress protection : IP 20 (according to type, higher IP at extra cost) - voltage : 230 V - infra panels (wattage 300 W) with special wooden frames (design „K“) could be installed into cassette “Armstrong” ceiling

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